Friday, October 21, 2011

Southern CA: Portrait

Moving down to Southern California proved to be a leap of faith.  Though I had a wonderful family to greet me and provide so much for me, I arrived with no promise of a job.  Even with the bleak economy reminding me that I probably wouldn't get a job, I was so blessed to find not one, but three jobs within two weeks of arriving!

I am currently a barista (no surprise) at Pain du Monde, and a nanny for three wonderful kids: a brother-sister duo, and a little kindergartner who uses sarcasm like a moody teenager. So, I now want to introduce you to Ashlynn and Peyton.  They are the sweetest kids, and I am so blessed to hang out with them on a regular basis.

Peyton is autistic and though he is seven years old, he doesn't use words to communicate.  I am learning daily what Peyton loves and doesn't love.  So far, I know he LOVES: playing with water, hanging upside down, elmo and friends, his big sister Ashlynn, his stuffed baseball, and his imaginary friends that he makes out of his hands.

Morgan (my sister), Peyton, and Ashlynn all enjoy fro-yo on a warm autumn day. 

Peyton loves hanging upside down.

I also caught him playing with his imaginary friends, aka, his hands!

So cute!

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